What personal traits have you written into your character(s)? Insecure Writers Want to Know

            Memoir aside, the biggest traits I offer my characters are a love of nature and adventure. Now these traits can be good or bad for characters depending upon the plot. Loving nature can lead a character astray; get him lost, both physically and mentally. And seeking adventure can always lead into danger, especially with young protagonists.  

            Stories are nothing without tension, remember. If we think externally, a love of nature can be defined as anything or any place outside of the protagonist or character. Adventure can be had on any quest or journey to either discover the self or the character’s surroundings. To discover the good or bad of society or the world. And these two traits can come into conflict in any genre.
            While I set many of my stories in national parks where a love of physical nature and adventure can combine, the setting for story can be anywhere. If you strip Star Wars: A New Hope down to its bones, the story could be considered a young man’s discovery of his abilities on a quest for adventure outside of his known space or world. In the beginning of this epic, Luke is a farmer on a desolate planet living with his aunt and uncle. He dreams of adventure in faraway places of the universe. His friends have left to find their place in the world. Luke wants to do this. It’s not until other characters enter his life that he is afforded the opportunity to try. Luke’s love of adventure sends him all over the universe. But inside, Luke is still trying to understand his own sense of worth, discover his own abilities.
            The best stories have internal and external struggles—even in memoir. Giving characters traits that the writer may possess is a beginning. From there, the traits of characters, both good and bad, need to be finely tuned to the story you are telling.  
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18 thoughts on “What personal traits have you written into your character(s)? Insecure Writers Want to Know”

  1. I agree about the importance of tension and internal and outer struggles in stories. I can see how setting stories in nature can help create this as a setting and as a jump start for interesting adventures. Have a great August!

  2. Great post. I try not to put much of me in them or I can't write them. I guess morals, reason and choices are base on me since I am writing them. Happy IWSG!

  3. A thought provoking post. Much of this chimes with some of my more adventurous characters. And my use of the horse world entails going to venues all over the place in some glorious natural settings.

  4. Sometimes it is difficult to put "wrong choices" into our characters because we see the problems that can arise. Thanks for your kind words here at Adventures in Writing, Juneta. Happy IWSG week to you, too. Enjoy!

  5. I’m late to the party this month – I like how you always make your posts informative as well as answer the question, Victoria. I’ve only written non-fiction, so in memoir, it’s all about me and my traits. In my articles, personality traits aren’t really part of the piece.

    Enjoy your blog break in August. Good for you to prioritize your writing projects this summer. I should do the same. But, summers provide many distractions!

  6. Summer certainly provides distractions, Liesbet. And so do the children! I love them to death, but sometimes I just need to write.

    You are so right that personality plays a part of memoir and not so much in articles. Thank you so much for your kind words here at Adventures in Writing, Liesbet. Enjoy your summer!


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