Time for a Story: How to Don a Swimsuit Inside a Sweltering Tent Trailer

            Oh sure, it’s easy to put on a bathing suit at home, in the privacy of your own room, with the air-conditioning on. Did you ever try to put one on in a hot and sticky tent after a day’s adventures on the trail? Enjoying the pool or lake at campgrounds is my “thank you” to the children for allowing me to see this beautiful country of ours. It’s refreshing. It eases the joints after a day’s hiking. It relaxes the mind. …If you can get the suits on! The good news is that children don’t sweat as heavily as adults. At least mine don’t. Their bodies weren’t as sticky as mine.  
Changing into a swimsuit in
a tent in a desert is brutal.
            Well after years of trying to accomplish this feat as quickly as possible, I’ve come up with a few tricks. Allow me to enlighten you.
Start with the children. This way when you’re finished, you can just run for water.
Parenting tips to get pool ready when it’s 110 degrees in the tent trailer:
Peel off sweat-drenched clothing. Do not leave on cushions! This is the part my children keep forgetting. I’m not sure if it’s because I tell them not to leave their clothes on the floor at home. The kids can’t seem to distinguish between sweaty, damp clothing and good clothing that can be worn again; specifically, unsmelly church or holiday clothing.
Dab at sweat pouring off body with beach towel. Do not use bath towel! This is not a difficult job to distinguish between the towels. I don’t know about you, but my bath towels don’t say, “Surfing at Stone Harbor” on them or have huge, colorful sailboats in the middle of them.
Now, tackle spandex bathing suit. Boys’ bathing trunks are much easier. No fair! I have four girls who can’t seem to get their suits on when they’re hot and miserable. [Okay, so maybe I do try to see too much when we camp in certain areas.]
Stretch the tiny leg holes as much as possible. Force legs through the fast-closing gap.
Squeeze the now sweaty, drippy torso into the shrunken, sticky suit. This is the adult part. It’s amazing how difficult this is to do. In my case, it’s like cramming an adult body with a lot of mileage on it into a neoprene wetsuit meant for a two-year-old.
Rip suit up towards bosom. Another difficult task!
The Lees crew enjoys the natural coolness
of a mountain stream after finally
wrestling their suits on. 
Thrust dripping arms through suit straps.
Run out of the sauna— I mean trailer—screaming “Water, water!”
Too bad we only visited family campground. It would have been much easier to just go “skinny dipping.”
Have you ever tried to get into a bathing suit while in a cramped space in the heat when you’re all sweaty? Feel free to offer any tips you may have on how you remedied the situation.
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6 thoughts on “Time for a Story: How to Don a Swimsuit Inside a Sweltering Tent Trailer”

  1. This is hilarious. I definitely laughed when I read this. I was on a swim team in high school. Although we weren't extremely sweaty, we either got in our suits in the small shower or while holding a towel around us. Sometimes, we hung our towels between locker doors. It was definitely difficult. It was more difficult if the suit was already wet.

  2. Oh my gosh, Michelle, it is terribly difficult to get into a wet bathing suit. The guys don't realize how much easier they have it. Good for you being on the swim team!

    Thank you so much for your kind note here at Camping with Five Kids. I truly appreciate "seeing" you here. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. As a Dad, I can not make any suggestions, If I did I would be told " You have no Idea" which is true to a point. I do remember trying to dress squirmy children.

  4. Right! You don't know what it's like to try and get into an elastic body suit in the heat. But you have had your fair share of dressing "squirmy children."

    Thanks so much for your comment here at Camping with Five Kids. Enjoy your weekend!


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