An Unexpected Snow Day

On the cusp of March, we received an unexpected snow day. Believe it or not, we were ecstatic! I finally got to wear my new snow boots from Christmas.

And my husband got to use his new snowblower. He’d been waiting all season to use that monster. Gosh! He loves his big “toys.”

But then we went on a small adventure into the woods by our home.

The temperature was a balmy 31 degrees, which made the snow heavy to trek through. No wind. We got about six inches in our area. With the ground covered in a fresh blanket of snow, you need to watch where you step in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Rocks, boulders, or an assortment of fallen tree logs seem to pop up out of the ground in a mound of snow. You never know what you might stumble over. So be careful!

I love blazing a new trail through the woods, though, even with all the hazards. You just move slowly. Breathe in the fresh air. Crisp and full of pine and earth. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest. I love how the snow clings to the pine boughs and tree trunks.

Once we returned home, I ran to the backyard and noticed the blank canvas of virgin snow. Immediately, I dropped and made a snow angel, just like a true kindergartner, to mark my territory. The middle of my yard is grass. Nice and level.

Then my husband and I built a snowman. It was as if we were kids again! Since the snow was wet, it made great packing snow. Okay, so maybe our kids would have given her a bit more shape. And yes. We did pilfer the grandkids’ LEGO blocks for our snowman’s features. [Ssh…don’t tell them.] We like our “little explorer” snowman. She’s unique!

We made a pile of snowballs and tried to hit the trunk of a hardwood tree in our yard. My husband graciously offered me a handicap. It didn’t help. Even though I got to stand closer to the tree than he did, I only came within a foot or two of hitting it.

Of course, snow days are much more fun when you don’t need to be anywhere specific. But this special day reminded us to take time to remember what’s important in life. Each other. Spend some meaningful time with someone you love. You’ll be glad you did.

After a day of fun in the snow, we built a warm fire in the fireplace and read books.

A perfect ending to a day in the snow. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “An Unexpected Snow Day”

    • Yes, snow days are best when you don’t have to be any place, Alex. So maybe our snowman does lean a little. You should have seen it the next day when things started melting.

      Always a pleasure seeing you here at Camping with Five Kids. Have a beautiful weekend!

  1. The way the snow has behaved this year speed is way to go. It comes and melts the next day. So make your snow men and angels as soon as you can.

    • Absolutely, Bill! Thanks so much for stopping by Camping with Five Kids and leaving a note. It’s greatly appreciated. Have a beautiful week!


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