Fall Adventures Abound When Camping with the Family

            Autumn is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere and the leaves are beginning to change. It’s the perfect time to squeeze in a short camping trip to a forest, the mountains, anyplace there are lots of trees and trails. Depending upon where you go, the air can be refreshingly cool or downright nippy.

The Pocono Mountains in
Pennsylvania show their fall colors.
I love my seasons, but sometimes I like cooler temperatures better than the heat of summer. I can always put more on to be warmer, but no matter what I wear or don’t wear in the summer, I still sweat. We don’t have air conditioning in our Jayco Eagle pop-up. It’s a hard-top, crank-up camper with pull-out beds on the ends. Lots of screens, though. It gives the effect that we’re camping out in the woods, which we are, but the bugs can’t get us. And, we get to sit on the soft cushions at our dinette tables. But it can get hot.
In autumn if we get chilly, we have canvas wind/rain flaps to zip up over the screens. They’re tinted, so we can still see out as we dine. We also use a tiny electric space heater on really chilly evenings. You need to have electric hookup to do this. Staying at rustic campsites with no electricity, you need to bring your subzero sleeping bags or warm, wool blankets and long underwear, if you have any. If you decide to use a little space heater while camping, never use a kerosene type. Here’s a good site to find information about tent heaters for camping. 
Our small electric heater cycled on and off in the camper and was the type that turned off if it tipped over. We used the low setting during the evening, placing the heater on the counter by the sink, free from anything near it. We had no room on our tiny floor space. My husband and I turned it off once we went to bed. It’s not really safe to leave a space heater, no matter what type, on overnight because the heating element or a flame for the propane type space heaters could start a fire. We didn’t think it was worth the risk. Pack for the weather in layers as I’ve said before at Camping with Five Kids.
Campgrounds offer much for the fall camper: scary hayrides, Halloween parades, and decorated campsite contests, to mention a few. The warmth of a campfire and roasting hot dogs and toasting s’mores is more inviting in autumn because of the cooler temperatures. Always remember to douse the campfire with at least two pots of water to be sure it’s really out.  And finish the campfire before the children or the parents become tired. 
Seed pods explode in autumn along
the Delaware River in Pennsylvania.
But what I really like to do in the fall, is hike through the woods. Now you need a deciduous [leaf bearing] forest to be able to fully appreciate this hike. I suggest going for a walk or hike into the woods several times during autumn. You want to be able to enjoy the luscious fall colors on the hardwoods; the various shades of crimson in the maples, the rainbow of golds for the oaks, birch, and sycamores. It simply fills the senses. The crisp air of the forest. The earthy smell of the trail.
I don’t know about you, but my feet become heavier in autumn. They drag along the trail or path through the woods. No, I’m not tired. I’m not sweating much either. My children have this same seasonal condition. It’s called “crunchitis.” The only treatment is to drag your feet through the crisp, crackling leaves that fall from deciduous trees in fall.
Try it! You’ll be glad you did. Thanks so much for visiting Camping with Five Kids. Do you have any favorite trips or activities you do in the fall? Please leave a note. I’ll be sure to respond. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Fall Adventures Abound When Camping with the Family”

  1. Hi Victoria Marie – 'crunchitis' love it – and yes I do it too. You've obviously got the art of camping with five during all the seasons … though without the bugs is my ideal! Your rainbow of golds, yellows, crimsons, hints of green, the darkened winter wood showing through – but gorgeous autumn colour scheme – sounds so much fun – cheers Hilary

  2. Thank you so much, Hilary, for your gracious words. They mean the world to me. As I wait for the leaves to fall so I can tromp through them on the ground, I scrape along curbs and edges where just a few dry leaves have gathered. I'm ready for crunchitis to really kick in.

    Thank you so much for visiting Camping with Five Kids. It’s always a pleasure seeing you here. Enjoy your week!

  3. Isn't Google great? Anything with chocolate in it sounds good to me and my family. The melted marshmallows just add to the sweetness. Thanks so much for your note here at Camping with Five Kids. It's greatly appreciated.

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