Cabin Fever

During the long, bleak winter months in New Jersey when we don’t get any snow, my family pines for the lazy days of summer and our family camping trips.  So we devised a way to remember the warmth of those summer camping adventures.  What we do is plan a dinner and a movie night, camp style.   
We have a fireplace in our family room.  The children and I prepare roast able foods like cubed carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower and chicken, steak, or hot dogs and put them in separate plastic bowels.  Then my husband starts a small fire in the grate.  We all sit on the floor in front of the fireplace and use our long camping skewers to roast one piece of food at a time.  As we allow the food to cool a little before eating it, we talk about all the fun things that we had done on our most recent camping adventure in the summertime.  We finish our meal by toasting marshmallows for s’mores, remembering the graham crackers and chocolate.

After we are finished eating, my husband closes the glass doors to the fireplace and we clean up.  Then we turn on our favorite family movie.   

How about you?  Do you have any ideas for whiling away those long winter months with the family?    

7 thoughts on “Cabin Fever”

  1. Hi Victoria Marie

    I know what you mean by the long bleak winter months, I suffer from SAD and can't wait for Spring.

    For 4 months now in the UK it's been cold, cloudy with grey skies and today is forecast heavy snow. It seems you have found a great way to recall sunnier days.

    Personally, I read old walking reports on past trips and view all the old photographs of the same. It seems to bring hope that nicer days are just around the corner.


  2. Marie, you are the best. Thanks for stopping by. The winter months can be dreary. Warm, inviting places can cheer the mood and warm the heart. You are in my prayers, my dear.

    The "More" button next to google+ at the top of my blog lists twitter, facebook, e-mail, etc. Share away. Thanks!

  3. Bill, hello and a warm welcome to my Camping with Kids blog. Sunshine is so important to winter months. It helps to cheer the day even if it's not warm. We haven't had any snow in New Jersey–yet.

    We also like to gather round the fireplace and look at our photo albums of past camping and family fun trips. I keep a scrapbook filled with memories of funny stories that happened on these trips which we take turns reading aloud and remembering.

    Memories can warm the heart and cheer the mind on these long dreary winter months. At least it can help get us to spring and more fun camping trips.

    Thanks for stopping by, Bill. Sunny thoughts!

  4. Living in a tropical country, we don't have the long winter days/nights and no fireplace in our homes. Sigh! How I wish we had! I always enjoy reading about it though…

  5. Hello and welcome to my Camping with Kids blog, Nas and Michelle.

    Nas, it can be nice to have longer days filled with sunshine. But yes, I love gathering around the fireplace with the family and sharing stories and memories. It reminds me of times before the television and internet became the primary entertainment for families.

    Michelle, it is a wonderful thing to share quality time with one's children. Just wait. Your time will come, I'm sure.

    Thank you both, ladies, for visiting my Camping with Kids blog. Please stop by again.


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