Reasons for Camping

The reasons to camp are endless. To see the world, or at least the continental United States and Canada, although we did take the camper, van, and family on an ocean ferry to Newfoundland. My husband and I wanted to see the country with our five children in tow and not spend our life savings doing it. Driving to our destinations and camping in state forests and national parks, sometimes without electric hook-up or showers, saved loads of money. At primitive campsites, we would use a Coleman lantern to light our camp and flashlights to walk to the toilets and sinks. These campsites were used sparingly as the children enjoyed the amenities at commercial campsites; pools, hay rides, playground equipment, and yes, showers. However, we did enjoy those star-filled nights at primitive campsites without all that light pollution. We garnered nightly entertainment lying on blankets in a field or on the beach of a lake, gazing up at those forever twinkling jewels, as if God speckled the night sky with a milky-white paintbrush just for us.

Another reason to camp is to spend endless hours with the family. Oh dear! I meant quality time with the family, of course. Free from the television and telephone. Free from the computer and work and extended family obligations. Free from home maintenance and outside activities. No hurry. No rush. Stories shared, games enjoyed, conversation given, discovering what your children are thinking. Camping requires much time on the part of the parents driving to the destination or the next destination on a multiple stop vacation, setting up camp, preparing endless meals on a two-burner stove where only one burner really produces a boil and everyone likes something different to eat. Close quarters with your immediate family and all the dirty laundry; there’s nothing like it.

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