What is a Substitute Teacher?

Teachers are the most important people, for the school system does not work without them. However, when a teacher is sick or cannot come in for various reasons, it is imperative that someone knowledgeable covers the classroom, teaching the students if possible. The forward motion of education must continue, even if only in review. But you need someone who is caring, understanding, and patient with children or teenagers. Someone who is not so much worried about being in command, as thinking of how best to assist the students on a particular day. This is the embodiment of a substitute teacher, and not all substitute teachers are of equal caliber.

Substitute teaching supplements the income, keeps the mind sharp, and the substitute on her toes. It presents a whole array of its own trials and tribulations. With a substitute teaching blog, perhaps we could open a dialogue, a venue to share laughter and frustration, knowledge and experience. Come. Let us share anecdotes and knowledge together through the blogosphere.

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    Substitute teaching can also help you discover which grade level and or subject matter you like to teach best as you can choose which substitute jobs you take.

    Thank you, Michelle, for reading my blog.


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